The Arts & Cultural Council of the Rappahannock (“RappArts”)

Who We Are

RappArts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, incorporated in 2008 as a local arts agency organized exclusively to advance the region’s arts and cultural life. RappArts is funding in part by its members, local government agencies, foundations, businesses, the Virginia Commission for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts.


The Mission of the Arts & Cultural Council of the Rappahannock is to advance the arts and cultural life of the region by supporting and strengthening artists, cultural organizations, and related offerings for the benefit of all citizens.


The ARTs:

  • Add enjoyment to our lives aesthetically, musically, dramatically, and visually.
  • Enable us to communicate our common humanness in multiple dimensions.
  • Enhance our understanding of various cultures and points of view.
  • Reflect our activities and history for future.


Our goals are to:

  1. Serve as an “Arts Advocacy” Group.
  2. Advance the arts and cultural life in our region by strengthening and supporting the various arts and cultural organizations as well as by providing development opportunities for individual artists.
  3. Raise public awareness of local Arts by regularly publicizing the numerous art offerings in our region.
  4. Increase opportunities for participating in various arts activities to our citizens, especially those in underserved populations.
  5. Promote the region as a premier arts destination on the east coast.

Board of Directors

  • Catherine K. Walker, President
  • Pending, Vice President
  • Susan Scott, Secretary
  • Lynda Baer, Treasurer
  • Kim Richards, Project and Technical Lead