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Celebration of Black History Month at Belle Grove Event

In 2011, we started our research of the history that is Belle Grove Plantation. It was our goal to uncover as much of the past as possible. To discover, to recover and to continue to tell the story. To us, all parts of this history is important. Each worked hand in hand in making Belle Grove Plantation what it is today.

One of the questions we get quite often is did Belle Grove Plantation have slaves? Through our research, we have uncovered names of slaves in wills and death records as well as through the Federal Census. In the Federal Census of 1840, owner Carolinus Turner showed 57 slaves. In the Federal Census of 1850, he had 72 and in the Federal Census of 1860, just before the Civil War, he had 92. The oldest slave we have been able to uncover was a female slave who was 80 years old.

We have made “connection” with the slaves of Montpelier, James Madison’s home in Orange, Virginia. Three slaves, Anthony, William “Billy” Gardener and Suny were known to have come from Belle Grove to Montpelier. Looking at President Madison’s grandmother, Rebecca Catlett Conway Moore’s will in 1761, she gave James Madison, age 10 a choice of five slaves.

Now, you can come and hear about one of our darkest times in Belle Grove Plantation’s history. Our Enslaved Experience and History Tour will cover not only our known history of our Belle Grove Plantation’s Enslaved Community, but will take you on a historic tour of the experiences that slaves endured during this time in American History. See artifacts, both from other areas as well as Belle Grove Plantation with known slave connections. Learn about how Africans changed the way we ate with foods and cooking techniques they brought with them.

We would like to caution you before you select this two hour tour. The subject matter can be graphic at times and is not recommended for the young or easily offended. Please consider carefully before booking your reservation.

Daily tours available at 2pm – Seating limited to 20 per day – This event sells out quickly and dates may be unavailable once sold out.