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FEB 28


In 1828, James Monroe sold a group of enslaved people to Colonel White in Florida, who owned the plantation Casa Bianca. Miranda Burnett and Martin Violette delved into the records and found that. Casa Bianca was not a typical plantation. The establishment of Casa Bianca in Jefferson County, Florida (near the town of Monticello) involved a President, two congressmen, a slave ship, and the richest man in America. However, the majority of the population living and working at Casa Bianca were enslaved men, women, and children. Burnett’s and Violette’s research uncovered the names of the families that Monroe sold to Colonel White, as well as details about their lives, successes, and losses after emancipation.

The program will be at Monroe Hall, room 116 on the University of Mary Washington Fredericksburg campus. It will be followed by a Q&A and refreshments.

Join in the James Farmer Multicultural Center’s celebration of these myriad movements, which represent achievements of African Americans in fields as diverse as science and the arts to politics and religion.