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DEC 15

Based on his recent discoveries, United States Geological Survey (USGS) paleontologist Bryan Landacre will provide participants with an in depth discussion of the vegetation and climate that existed in the Stratford region 1.5 million years ago.

USGS emeritus geologist Robert Weems will follow with a discussion of the Ice Age animals that we now know lived within this landscape. Together, these talks will provide participants with a vivid picture of the Stratford Hall region during the Ice Age, a past time at Stratford that until recently was thought to have been lost forever.

After the lectures guests will be transported to Stratford’s beach where they will have access to areas inaccessible to the public. Once at the beach, guests will have the opportunity to search for fossils, sharks teeth, and get up close and personal with Stratford’s cliffs!

Price: $25 per person

Pre-registration encouraged but not required. To register, contact Jon Bachman at or 804-493-1972.