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FEB 13

Celebration of Black History at Belle Grove Event

United States Color Troops, Importance in Civil War
Speaker – Willie Brown

African American History was always interesting because an important part of it happened in the Civil War. Willie Brown’s book will try and clarify many areas that will assist with a better understanding of what actually happened to the USCT. The writer will try and give a complete explanation of what made the USCT unique. This subject was made popular because of the Emancipation Proclamation, which created the United States Colored Troops. Even though it was created by President Lincoln, there were many obstacles to succeed and to fight as soldier. They were to be commanded by a white commanding officer and could not arise above the rank of sergeant. There are several Medal of Honor recipients from the USCT and the US Navy and a list of African American women that made a tremendous contribution to the Union Army. The Civil War couldn’t have been won without the infusion of two hundred thousand enlistees of African descent.

Saturday, February 9th at 2pm
Wednesday, February 13th at 10am and 1pm

$5.00 (all ages)
Reservation Required.