The Mission of the John J. Wright Educational & Cultural Center Museum is to celebrate Spotsylvania by collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations to collect, archive, share and facilitate learning about the interactive history of education, cultures and civic life of the county’s African American citizens. In doing so, we demonstrate how those interactions within the wider population contributed to the richness of Spotsylvania County’s development.

John J. Wright School 1932

John J. Wright Educational and Cultural Center Museum features a permanent exhibit about the history of Spotsylvania education tracing the history of African-American education through the leadership of its 15 principals, from the first principal, John J. Wright in the mid-1920s, through integration and the last African American principal, Pitman C. Rock, to its closure as a traditional middle school in 2006 under the leadership of Chester Mummau.The museum honors the legacy of the school and the man for whom it was named and serves to acknowledge the numerous contributions of both to the community. The museum shows the history of what was first the Spotsylvania Training School, also known as the “Snell Training School”.