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  Here you will find highly skilled artists across the Central Rappahannock River region in Virginia – from poets and musicians to sculptors and choreographers. Discover a new favorite or your next collaboration using the search tools! Click on an artist to learn more about their work and view upcoming events.  

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A.E. Bayne
Becki Heye

Have you ever heard the sound of beauty? Shhhh! Quietly stand near something that you admire, and listen.

You will be able to hear a beautiful melody of song. Most times it is a chorus of voices singing in perfect harmony.

H [...]

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Dawn Whitmore

Dew Photography VA: Landscape and Nature Photography specializing in Barnscapes. Dawn, the "Old Barn" lady has a passion to preserve old barn history.

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Joe Wolemonwu

Mr. Wolemonwu is a Civil Servant with the department of Defense, he is currently the Board Chairman of the Association of Certified Knowledge Management Professional (ACKMP).

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Rick Pullen

Journalist my entire career, first as a newspaper reporter and later as a magazine editor. Worked as a reporter for The Free Lance-Star in the 1980s.
Began writing novels in 2011. NAKED AMBITION, published in May 2016, became an Amazon [...]

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Sally Cooney Anderson

I work with fiber and recycled material and found objects to create wearables, wall hangings and jewelry.

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Donna Lee Davis

Donna Lee Davis's 33-year career at the U.S. Marine base at Quantico included six years as Chaplains Secretary.

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Dr. Herbert L Green, Jr.

Published second edition of "The World and the Word: Making sense of Social Science in an age of Conflict, Opposition, and Grace" (2017).

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Jeannene Hall
Meredith Stoddard

I have known since I was a little girl sitting at my Granny's kitchen table listening to her recount the stories of our family, that I wanted to be a story teller.

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Penny A Parrish

After careers in journalism and law enforcement, Penny A Parrish enjoys the solitude of working alone with a camera.

She is inspired by simple scenes: the colors of our seasons, small details that others may not notice, and the line [...]

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Rodger Cornell

Rodger is a retired restaurateur who has recently moved to Virginia from New Jersey.

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Sally Rhone-Kubarek

I have published 2 books for children: "Mini Mysteries" in the Middle," an ABC book and "Mindelmo," a short story that began with a second grade reading list.

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