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  Here you will find highly skilled artists across the Central Rappahannock River region in Virginia – from poets and musicians to sculptors and choreographers. Discover a new favorite or your next collaboration using the search tools! Click on an artist to learn more about their work and view upcoming events.  

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A.E. Bayne
Becki Heye

Have you ever heard the sound of beauty? Shhhh! Quietly stand near something that you admire, and listen.

You will be able to hear a beautiful melody of song. Most times it is a chorus of voices singing in perfect harmony.

H [...]

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Cathy Herndon

“Art for me is something I think about all the time. An idea comes from a shape or a color, a phrase, a song, a memory, or a passing glimpse. It wallows around in my head for a long time, going in many directions and then, when I’m ready, [...]

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Char McCargo Bah
Chris Fink

Drummer, with 40+ years experience in a wide range of styles. Instructors include Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown) and Richard Davis (Sarah Vaughan). Have recorded under Butch Vig (Garbage). Available for pickup gigs and recording.

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Dawn Whitmore

Dew Photography VA: Landscape and Nature Photography specializing in Barnscapes. Dawn, the "Old Barn" lady has a passion to preserve old barn history.

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Don Rowe
Jack Bales
James Noll
Jane Cariker

I have been passionate about art and studied it since I was a child. This year, I retired from a 30 year career in the IT field and am thrilled to be able to now devote my time to painting. I'm a self-taught artist and my preferred mediums [...]

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Jenna Stone

I am a graduate of the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington DC and I paint and draw. I work predominantly in acrylic but I also work in some lesser used mediums, such as crayola crayons. My subject matter is varied, from the macabre [...]

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Joe Wolemonwu

Mr. Wolemonwu is a Civil Servant with the department of Defense, he is currently the Board Chairman of the Association of Certified Knowledge Management Professional (ACKMP).

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