The Central Rappahannock River region is overflowing with innumerable arts and cultural resources and opportunities. The RappArts Directory of Arts and Culture will be a HUGE database of all arts and cultural assets in our area. What are arts and cultural assets? Assets are the creative folks in the region working in the visual, performing, cultural and/or literary arts. Assets are all the regional arts and cultural groups and organizations including theater, dance, bands, choral societies, and orchestras.

The first step for populating the RappArts website is to conduct an arts and cultural inventory to identity all the regions’ arts and cultural assets and resources. To achieve this task, we will be forming a Directory Committee. The Directory Committee will consist of volunteers with knowledge of the various arts and cultural genres including visual arts, theater, dance, music, cultural and literary assets and resources. Once assets are identified, the Directory Committee will be tasked with developing a plan for listing all the region’s arts and cultural resources in the online RappArts Directory. If you are part of one of these incredible assets, please sign up using our online form. If you would like to volunteer to help with this effort, please contact us.